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COVID-19 UPDATE! We are available to provide emergency and medically necessary appointments but not booking preventive and cosmetic dentistry ones; this includes dental checkups, whitening, orthodontics, regular cleanings, and small fillings; these are now put on hold for the time being. However, you can call us if you want information about your dental situation.

Please read what you need to know before visiting our Dental Practice! 

One-stop dentist

With Forest & Ray you can find a solution to all your problems in one place. Our Central London dental practice, near Holborn station, is open seven days a week to serve young and old alike.

Further savings

Make further savings with our option of treatment abroad. In the case of a more extensive treatment plan you can make more savings in Budapest, with the possibility of consultation and aftercare in London as well.

Before / After

Check out the work of our dental practitioners with patients’ stories and before/after photos. Read and see how our implantologists, cosmetic dentists and orthodontists have handled special dental cases while working with Forest & Ray.


Watch video testimonials or read e-mail and scanned testimonials from our satisfied patients. If you have finished your treatment with us, feel free to leave a testimonial in the form provided.