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Orthodontics Case Studies London

Orthodontics Case Studies London

Alexandra - after Cover

Name: Alexandra

Age: 25

Treatment: Crowding and overbite


Alexandra had a metal brace for around 1 year. Now she wears fix retainers and she is very satisfied with her new smile.

Enrica - after Cover

Name: Enrica

Age: 24

Treatment: Crossbite and overbite


Enrica had several orthodontic problems: also crossbite and overbite. She got a fixed aesthetic brace from us, which made her teeth straight and healthy in 1,5 years.

Flavia - after Cover

Name: Flavia

Age: 14

Treatment: Gaps between upper teeth


Flavia had gaps between her upper teeth. She wanted to solve this problem at our clinic, because around the gaps, it is harder to clean your teeth, and they begin to decay more easily. She got a fixed metal brace, which made an end of the gaps between the teeth.

Ben - after Cover

Name: Ben

Age: 19

Treatment: Circular open bite


When we first met Ben he had severe circular open bite. His treatment lasted for almost two years, 2 teeth were removed from the upper arch. With the help of mini screws and fixed braces in both arches now we see an aesthetically and functionally altered beautiful smile. Interested in treatments for orthodontics

Flora - after Cover

Name: Flora

Age: 14

Treatment: Cross bite


Our patient Flora, aged 14, had cross bite in the incisor and lateral area as well, because of her very narrow upper arch. We started her treatment with widening the upper jaw with a transpalatal arch, and then with fixed braces - upper and bottom. In 18 months (16 ppointments) we all loved the results! Interested in treatments for orthodontics

Marian - after Cover

Name: Marian

Age: 39

Treatment: Cross bite


Mariann, aged 39 had a habitual frontal cross bite, which not only affected her teeth, but also her facial appearance badly. With the removal of an incisor in the lower arch and being in treatment for 16 months,(15 activations) we turned normalized the bite. Treatment was carried out with fixed appliances in both arches. In the end, it was her husband who liked her results the most! Interested in treatments for orthodontics

Susan - after Cover

Name: Susan

Age: 13

Treatment: Crowding


Our patient, Susan (age13) was worried about her crowding, she didn't like her smile and also had difficulties in proper cleaning. With fixed braces in both in the upper and lower arches we changed her smile in 16 months! (13 visits) Now we are in the retention phase, she wears fixed retention wires in the back of her teeth and comes to see us every 3 months for a check-up. Interested in treatments for orthodontics