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Cyber Monday Special Offer

In every year the time arrives when unbelieveable special offers are suddenly available for people shopping online. This year Forest & Ray Dental Practice is no exception, either, we also want to do our patients a favour! We support your healthy smile!

Cyber Monday Special Offer

Even if you visit your dentist twice a year to have a general check-up and you take dental hygiene very seriously, you still might plaque on your teeth and might need a scale. This means that a dental cleaning can still be needed, even if everything else was found completely healthy. With a tooth scaling you can prevent dental decay and gum diseases.

one of the fastest 10 lucky applicants

only has to pay 50% of the dental cleaning treatment in the Forest & Ray Dental Clinic in London!

Special Offer available 1st December 2014

• Sorry, the offer is no longer available! •