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Tooth Filling London – From £97

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What problem does it solve? Filling is used to restore teeth damaged by decay or a fracture.
Recommended additional treatment(s): Complete dental check-up
Expected treatment time or appointment: 30-60 mins/tooth
Treatment costs:

Consultation - (£ 65)

Filling - (from £ 117)

The basic reconstructive dental procedure. We work with composite fillings, which are more aesthetic, better for your health and last longer. These, involving the most basic dental procedure there is, can put an end to toothache and halitosis.

  • Tooth colored fillings
  • Switch your amalgam fillings to our composite fillings
  • Quick and easy

The most basic unit of conservative dentistry, tooth fillings- sometimes called dental fillings- are a dental procedure that everyone has heard about. Some 75-80% of adults have tooth fillings, and so it is the most popular and well known method of trying to preserve teeth and to heal them back to functionality. They are used before problems with the teeth become severe, but when there is already need for intervention. They basically seal off the damaged tooth and repair it so that it can be used again without fear of further damage. Dental fillings can become necessary despite a vigorous at home oral hygiene routine.

What are tooth fillings?

dental fillings

Tooth fillings are tiny pieces of composite resin that are inserted into a cavity on a tooth to seal it off for later, and to prevent the tooth enamel from decaying further. Getting a dental filling takes about half an hour to about an hour and a half, depending on how far gone the tooth is, where the cavity is and how easy it is to get to. Before getting the tooth filling, the decayed bit of your tooth will be scraped away and removed, and the exposed area will be covered with the composite resin tooth filling.


Price of dental fillings

If you check our price list, you may see more than one price listed for our tooth fillings. This is because the price of a tooth filling is based on how much work there is with the tooth before it can receive a dental filling, and how much filling material we need to use; in other words, it depends on how big the cavity we need to fill is. Small fillings are obviously cheaper, whereas large cavities require quite a bit of chair time and a good dollop of composite resin filling material.
If you have a cavity and need a dental filling, give us a call and let our friendly customer care service book an appointment with one of our expert dentists. If you have amalgam fillings, perhaps it is time to get them replaced with our white, composite dental fillings, a procedure that we are also very familiar with. 

The price of fillings depends on the difficulty of the procedure, although some categorisation can be done in advance: for example, front teeth in general cost less than molars. If you would like to get fillings, just contact our friendly customer care staff.

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Are there different kinds of tooth fillings?

Technically speaking yes, there is more than one kind of dental filling, but we only use composite resin dental fillings for our patients. Why? Because the previously used amalgam dental fillings are bad for your health, are carcinogenic, and leak mercury into the system throughout years of usage. Amalgam fillings are an amalgamation of silver, mercury, tin, and a whole bunch of trace elements, neither of which is particularly good for you. Amalgam fillings are bad news because it can cause brain damage, cancer, and can constantly weaken the immune system slightly, thus making you overall more prone to infections and less able to fight off microbes and infections. What’s more, the Minamata convention has officially made the use of mercury illegal in industry, and is aiming to reduce the use of mercury to absolutely nothing at all. Most countries have signed off on this convention, and it means the end of commercial mercury sales and traffic.
The fillings we use instead are made of a composite artificial resin. This material hardens and sticks to teeth, and does not lose weight like amalgam fillings, and most of all, does not leach mercury. These fillings last somewhat less than amalgam fillings, but their lifespan can still be counted in 5 years’ time, and if cared for properly, should last around a decade. The other big bonus for these kinds of fillings is the fact that they are tooth coloured and blend into their surroundings, and look great, and not like a big shadow on your tooth, which amalgam fillings can look like. They also will not stop the tooth from decaying around the dental filling, something that is a big problem with amalgam fillings.

BPA-Free Fillings Are Eco-Friendly

BPA-free fillings are tooth coloured but being eco-friendly, they are green. Learn more here! For a green, eco-friendly dental experience—including BPA free fillings, choose Forest& Ray



Professional teeth cleaning & tartar removal – Special offer for new patients*!
Professional teeth cleaning & tartar removal – Special offer for new patients*!
We offer discounted dental hygiene treatment for our new patients.
PRICE: £65
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