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General Dentistry Prices

General Dentistry Prices London

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Dental treatment



This is a session in which you sit down and the dentist analyzes your condition, and makes a treatment plan that has all the treatments that he recommends you in order to get you back to good oral health.
£ 45

Half-year check-up

(Valid only for treated patients by Forest & Ray)

  • Full check-up of teeth and oral cavity
  • An X-ray or OPG
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Oral health care routine consultation
£ 45


It is obligatory to make 3 X-rays of every new patient during a first consultation. This means one Panoramic and 2 small bite wing X-rays.
£ 49


It is highly recommended that you see your dentist twice per year even if there is nothing wrong with your teeth. This is primarily a preventative measure.
£ 47 - £ 137


Tooth extractions are usually used as a last resort after everything else that has been tried has failed and the tooth needs to come out. Often it is the tooth that have been previously filled and root canaled, and the tooth is simply beyond saving.
from £ 67


Dental fillings are tiny bits of material that are stuck into a cavity on a tooth to prevent further decay. When getting a dental filling, the area of the cavity will be cleaned out, and only afterwards will there be material inserted into the cavity.
from £ 97


This treatment will only happen if a condition that has been wrong for a while is left to develop. You need a root canal treatment when the infection has breached your tooth, has gone through your dentine (the internal structure of your tooth) and is now affecting your nerve. You may realize you need one when you experience extreme pain or when your face swells up.
from £ 347

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We accept all major credit and debit cards.
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