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Why Amalgam Is Banned

Amalgam fillings are no longer being made in the EU as a result of the Minamata convention. Why is this? Find out!...

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Don't let the pain dine with you this Christmas!

What are the recommended dental treatments in the beginning of December? What are the treatments which could be done right before Christmas and what are the ones which need to wait after the holidays? What to do in the case of emergency during the festive season?...

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Why Replace Your Amalgam Fillings With Composite Fillings

he Minamata convention outlaws the production of mercury in countries that have signed it, but what about amalgam fillings that are already in the mouth? Time to get them replaced with composite fillings!...

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White Fillings Vs. Amalgam Fillings

Which fillings are better, tooth coloured artificial resin or traditional amalgam fillings? We break down the differences and similarities in this article....

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Mouth Cancer Action Month

Systematic oral cancer screening is very important because mouth cancer is a very frequent problem among the population. For example, in 2014, 2386 people died in this disease. Be mouthaware!...

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