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How Long Does It Take To Recover After Wisdom tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted, and very often surgically. This is because they are all the way in the back of the mouth and in order to not damage the teeth in front of it, the dentist often has to go from below and remove the tooth. A common question that patients who are facing wisdom tooth extraction want to know is how long is the recovery period? When you can do the things you love doing without the long chain of caveats is partially up to you, and partially up to how long it takes you to heal. There are many factors involved in this, and we will be listing a few now.

wisdom teeth
Wisdom Tooth

Patient cooperation

By far the most important factor in recovery after wisdom tooth extraction is patient cooperation. If you do not keep the extraction site clean and maintained, you will not recover quickly after the extraction, and perhaps at all. It is important that you keep the wisdom tooth extraction aftercare instructions provided by your dentist in order to heal as quickly as possible. In the first few days, use ice packs to chill the area from outside, and try and eat as little as possible and only very soft foods that can be easily eaten, so as not to disturb the blood clot. Do not suck on or brush the area directly until the blood clot is reabsorbed by the body.


Lifestyle plays an extremely important role in recovery in general. Certain activities, like smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs will disable your immune system and make your body much more susceptible to infection. Smoking also dries out the mucous membranes, so refrain from smoking after wisdom tooth extraction, or you run the risk of developing dry socket or alveolitis. A weakened immune system will also open the door to infections of all sorts, so it is very important to refrain from these kinds of activities while healing.  


How quickly your gums and jawbones heal after a wisdom tooth extraction is also a matter of genetics. You inherit an immune system and bones and tissues that are able to recover from damage at a certain rate, and in a certain manner, some are quicker some are slower, and some hardly work at all. The bacteria in your mouth are also partially inherited from your environment, and this also plays a very strong role in whether or not the extraction site becomes infected. But with proper care and if you keep your aftercare instructions, you should not run the risk of infection.  

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