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Braces for children

Braces for children

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Braces for children

Straight teeth for only £2.9 * a day? 

* with interest free finance

Orthodontic package  for your children ‐ for £2.9 a day and there is no interest to pay!

It does not need to be visible!

The best age to have one’s teeth straightened is the teenage years. But this is exactly when it is hard to convince the kids of anything they do not wish for. At our clinic your child can choose aesthetic or invisible braces as well! 

The procedure

Stage of treatment Answers you can get
Short orthodontic consultation Do I need braces?
Extensive orthodontic consultation
  • Discussing the details of the full procedure
  • Expected costs
  • First step of creating your device (study model)
Orthodontic device

The chosen type of brace is created for you individually, based on your study model

Monthly activation appointments

Making sure your device is functioning as
needed, tightening the device if necessary


You need to wear retainers in order to make
sure your results will last long

*In some cases, before starting the orthodontic treatment, additional treatments, such as hygiene treatment, dental fillings are needed, for these kind of treatments can not be done while the braces are on. The offer does not include these treatments!

Sample treatment plan

Treatment £Price
Short orthodontic consultation £17
Extensive orthodontic consultation  £117

Orthodontic device* with 10 activation appointments**








Removal of braces £100
Retainer £357
Total price of package








* The price of chosen device can differ from the given example price, which can modify the total price of the package
** In some cases more activation appointments are needed. The offer does not include the price of the additional activations!

Our orthodontic package

Type of chosen braces Daily price of the complete package in cage
of an interest free finance for 2 years








  • not to be combined with other special offers
  • only one treatment per person
  • prior phone or e-mail booking required
  • general cancellation policy and terms & conditions apply

For more information call us at:

020 8124 6138

Dear Visitor!

The deal you are looking for is no longer valid.
For more sales and discounts, please click the link below.