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Whether you’re looking for a single dental implant or need an entire denture replaced by implants, our top surgeons are happy to accommodate your needs at affordable prices. We specialize in dental implants, providing high quality dental care for over ten years.
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Meet your implantologist!

Dr. Eleftherios Martinis

Dr. Eleftherios Martinis

Dr. Eleftherios Martinis, an active member of the Association of Dental Implantology in the UK. With more than 12 years of experience in implant dentistry, he specializes in dental implantology, bone and soft tissue grafting, All-on-4 (same day teeth), and sinus lifting. 

Dr. Martinis’ enthusiasm, expertise, and easy demeanor make every patient feel relaxed and comfortable for even the most complex treatment. His mission is to give patients dental implants that last for life. He is also passionate about passing on all his knowledge to his students in his role as a Specialty Doctor and Teacher in Oral Surgery at King’s College Hospital and honorary clinical teacher at King’s College London. Dr. Martinis speaks English, Greek, and Serbian fluently and is proficient in several other languages.

About dental implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are inserted in the jaw bone, providing stable support for artificial teeth. They are the best way to fight tooth loss as they can house a crown, thus replacing all of the parts of a tooth, restoring normal chewing functions completely.
An implant can replace a single tooth or with only 4 implants in one arch all the upper or lower teeth can be replaced as 4 implants can support an entire arch of teeth.
With expected 3 or 4 appointments dental implants can help you if you have missing teeth and wish to get them replaced as soon as possible.
Come in and have a consultation with one of our master dental implantologists, and see how dental implants can make a difference in your life!

Dental implant pricelist

Treatment Price
Tooth replacement consultation £ 75
Single tooth implant from £ 1750
Same day teeth / All-on-4 implant (One arch) from £ 12 000
Same day teeth / All-on-4 implant (Dual arch) from £ 21 000
Treatment Price
Nobel dental implants £ 947
Alpha Bio dental implants £ 679
Healing screw £ 87
Crown (gold, imlant quality) from £ 587
Abutment from £ 397
Single tooth implant from £ 1750
Dental implant

Dental implant

Getting missing teeth replaced is extremely important, otherwise the rest of your teeth will fall out, and the unhealthy eating and chewing habits that result from lopsided eating can destroy the rest of your otherwise healthy teeth. 
Dental implants are relatively new implements and so far the best way to truly replace missing teeth, and to replace every part of the missing teeth.
Sometimes called tooth implants, they are tiny titanium alloy screws that are drilled into the jawbone, taking the place of the missing tooth root.

Dental implants are made up of three parts: The artificial roots are made from a titanium alloy which is inserted into the jaw bone, providing stable support for artificial teeth. An abutment and crown go on top to replace the visible portion of the tooth. Implants are the best way to fight tooth loss as they replace all parts of a missing tooth, restoring normal chewing functions completely.

Implant-supported denture
Dental implant

Implant-supported denture

For patients who need to replace the majority of their natural teeth, we recommend a procedure known as All-on-4 or Same Day Teeth. This procedure is fast, durable and cost effective. Using only 4 implants in one arch, all the upper or lower teeth can be replaced. This is a great solution to replace dentures. No more worrying about suction or adhesive; All-on-4 is a full arch of teeth, supported by just four implants that can give you back the ability to smile and chew with confidence in just one day.

All-on-4 Procedure
Before the surgery, you will need to have one or two appointments to develop your treatment plan. This may involve x-rays, photos, impressions, and other measurements needed to ensure a successful procedure.

After the consultation, you’ll be scheduled for surgery. Your new teeth will be implanted, fitted, and adjusted while you are comfortably sedated with an IV drip. 

You may need to come in for a few check ups in the first few months following your surgery to check for proper fit and alignment. Your gums will have fully healed within six months and the implants will have fused to the natural bone in your jaw so your new teeth function exactly as natural teeth would.

Dental implant

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