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The consultation is the necessary first meeting with our dental staff, in which they analyse your oral condition, and make a treatment plan for you, outlining the treatments that the dentist recommends.

  • Get a treatment plan
  • Get a complete analysis of your oral cavity
  • Get to know your dentist
  • Get to ask whatever questions you would like

What are dental consultations?

A consultation session with your dentist is absolutely indispensable and effective dental treatment cannot be had without it: it serves as the basis through which your dentist sums up what is wrong with your teeth, what needs to be done and how much it will cost. This is written down in a treatment plan, so the consultation session is completely indispensable for the dentist, but it is very important for you, the patient, too. It allows you to ask whatever questions you may have, allowing you to refuse or accept treatments, and get all the information you need before starting.


Why are dental consultations important?

As stated above, dental consultations exist to allow you to speak to your dentist and get information about your treatment before you start. It allows you to make informed decisions about what kind of treatments you are comfortable with, and gives the opportunity for the dentist to tell you why a dental treatment is necessary, and why they picked the ones they did. Consultation sessions are frequently had along with other treatments like hygiene sessions or oral cancer screenings. You should have a consultation session at least every six months.


What to expect at your dental consultation?

Your first consultation may last for a bit longer than average, which is around 45 minutes- During this time you will talk with your dentist, and they will ask you about your medical record. Be truthful! They will also examine your teeth and maybe even palpate the soft tissues of the mouth, to check that everything is in order, and to be able to set up a proper diagnosis. No treatment will commence though, unless otherwise discussed with your dentist.


Do I need to prepare?

Dental consultations are pain free, and they do not involve any sort of dental treatment at the consultation itself, unless otherwise agreed upon with your dentist. However, don’t forget to brush thoroughly before going to your dentist, and avoid coffee, garlic, onions and other foul smelling foods. This is just a courtesy issue, and will not affect your treatment, but going into a mouth that has just eaten is pretty nasty, even for a seasoned veteran. So please no food before the consultation, and make sure your rinse out your mouth with water before sitting down in the chair.


How much does it cost?

If you are a walk in, or are going to the clinic for the first time, then your consultation will have some kind of nominal fee, to pay for the fact that the dentist is staying there.  Some dental treatments require special consultation, and these may be charged.


dental consultation

Orthodontic consultations are a little bit different, and entail higher fees, as a study model of your teeth needs to be made. Call and book an appointment today, get to know one of our dentists, and see why thousands of patients in London choose Forest and Ray dental practice. 

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