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Boost Your Career, Change Your Smile!

As you may have heard only a few thousand times, a good first impression is key. Most aspects of your appearance can be taken care of at home, and is up to you to perfect. But what about that quintessential aspect of confidence, the bright and honest smile? Did you know that a perfect smile can really boost your career?

Boost Your Career Change Your Smile!


At Forest and Ray Dental Practice we have 3 ways to help you fix your problems and help you regain confidence in your smile.


Dental Crown Special OfferGet your smile in shape, give it a smile makeover!

Confidence is the prerequisite for success. If you have a broken tooth, tooth decay, or discolouration, getting some crowns or veneers may be your best bet. This way you can be sure of your smile and focus instead on delivering a good interview.


Dental Implant Special OfferSubstitution

Many tragic turns of events can leave you with a missing tooth, and many of these, including periodontitis, accidents and many other problems can reach you even in your youth. If you have a missing tooth, the best way to go is to get dental implants. This will not only fill the gap, but stop it from spreading, as teeth that are next to teeth that are missing are much more likely to fall out as well.

A complete tooth replacement includes a dental implant, an abutment, and a crown.



Orthodontics - Special OfferStraighten your teeth

If your teeth are crooked, bent or need to be regulated in some way, you should get orthodontic braces. This is not a quick fix, but you cannot put it off indefinitely, and eventually you will need to get some, and we are the perfect clinic to get braces with.

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