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Incognito™ Braces Lingual Braces London from price £3507

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What problem does it solve? Incognito™ braces just as other fixed appliances use wires and brackets to improve your smile; the main difference between them and traditional braces is that Incognito™ braces are applied to the inner surface of your teeth therefore they remain completely hidden. As they are placed behind your teeth where the tongue rests it can take a bit longer to get used to wearing them.
Recommended additional treatment(s): Extensive orthodontic consultation
General consultation (+ general treatments if necessary before the braces are applied)
Hygiene session
Expected treatment time or appointment: As every case and every patient is different the average orthodontic treatment length can vary between 8 -24 months
Treatment costs:

Dental hygiene treatment - (£ 87-157)

Extensive consultation: - Eligibility check and treatment plan making - (£ 117)

Incognito™ Lite (One arch) - (£ 3997)

Activation for existing orthodontic braces / arch - (from £ 127)

Incognito™ braces are lingual braces made of a special gold alloy that are totally invisible when you smile. They can give the same treatment as regular orthodontic braces, but cannot be seen, and are thus a favourite in adult orthodontics.

  • Completely invisible
  • Same treatment as regular braces
  • Capable of solving complicated cases

What kind of braces do you need?

We are very proud to offer Incognito™ brand lingual braces to all of our orthodontic patients as an alternative to traditional fixed metal braces. Lingual braces such as Incognito™ braces are used in adult orthodontics because they are completely invisible, and will not show up even if you are eating, talking, smiling or laughing. They are a brand of completely and truly invisible braces. If an aesthetic appearance is a necessity in your profession, or you would just like to keep your appearance unchanged, then this is the right kind of orthodontic brace for you!

What are lingual braces?

lingual braces

Lingual braces are a kind of fixed orthodontic braces, and Incognito braces are a kind of lingual brace. These braces consist of wires and brackets just like regular orthodontic braces, but they go on the lingual side of the teeth, the side that face the tongue, and not the other way around. This means they are completely invisible and cannot be seen. Lingual braces handle almost all of the same orthodontic problems in the same amount of time as regular fixed orthodontic braces.

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Are there any other differences?

Lingual braces are made of softer metals, and the brackets are shaped slightly differently. They can irritate the tongue more often than regular braces do, and tend to be a little bit quicker than regular braces. They also tend to be more comfortable, but are more likely to give a speech impediment until the end of treatment. They are also activated at monthly sessions with your orthodontist. There is also a difference in price, with lingual braces being more expensive than traditional orthodontic braces.

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Why are lingual braces more expensive?

The brackets of Incognito™ braces are made of a gold alloy, and are super malleable, and are thus more expensive. Putting on lingual braces is a very highly technical skill that only few people have and which requires training form the dentist. This is whyIncognito™ braces cost more than regular ones. But the difference is well made up for in aesthetic appearance, shorter treatment time and greater comfort, and most importantly, maximum discretion and invisibility.

If you are interested in getting Incognito™ braces, call our friendly customer care staff and book an appointment with one of our expert orthodontists today.

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