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Children orthodontics

Children orthodontics

What problem does it solve? Orthodontic treatment for children is recommended to correct biting disorders, crowded or crooked teeth and to improve appearance. Depending on the child's age and whether the jaws and the face finished growing it is aimed to prevent or intercept developing problems and making later treatment less complicated.
Recommended additional treatment(s): Complete dental check-up
CT scan
Dental cleaning
Expected treatment time or appointment: activation in every 4-5 weeks
Treatment costs:

Consultation - (£ 65)

Extensive consultation: - Eligibility check and treatment plan making - (£ 117)

As the jawbones and the face are still growing, orthodontic treatment for children can be very different from adult orthodontics.

Some problems can be treated much more efficiently at a younger age, therefore it is important to attend to regular check ups to the dentist with your child even if the permanent teeth are not visible yet.

Child braces

Orthodontics for little children

Early orthodontic treatment can start around the age of 6-7 and it has the potential to eliminate the need for more drastic treatment in the future.

At this age, children have only milk teeth and their jawbone is constantly growing. Orthodontic devices are used to train children’s bones and muscles on their facial muscles. The orthodontist therefore may recommend removable devices and functional trainers for your child.
At this age, there is something else to think about: it is highly recommended to teach your little children that there is no reason to be afraid of the dentist as dentists will help them to keep their teeth healthy and their smile bright.

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Kids braces

Orthodontics for children with changing teeth

The change between milk and adult teeth ends around the age of 12. Children during elementary school have mixed teeth: both milk and adult ones. This time, same devices can be used: removable devices, functional trainers and night retainers.

Orthodontics for teens

At the teen years the growth of the jawbone is completed. After that the shape and size of the jawbone can only be changed minimally. There are several devices which can be used to move teeth to the right direction:

  • Fixed metal braces with colorful brackets and wires
  • Aesthetic braces with tooth-colored brackets
  • Removable, nearly invisible braces, like Invisalign Teen clear aligner
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Girl with brace

Braces among teens are becoming more and more popular and trendy these days, girls often choose colorful brackets for their braces, which are more like jewellery in their mouth.

If you are a parent, take care of your child’s teeth from the beginning! The sooner your child begins the treatment, the sooner he/she have healthy and nice teeth.

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