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Periodontal treatment

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What problem does it solve? Treatment is recommended during brushing or even spontaneous gingival bleeding. Also, in case of unpleasant breath that remains after brushing your teeth. Sensitive, tense, inflamed gums, or pain when teeth and gums meet. The treatment also offers a solution for gingivitis or loose moving teeth.
Recommended additional treatment(s): Complete dental check-up

Plaque and tartar build up on your teeth is not purely an aesthetic issue, it contains bacteria that can cause gum inflammation, can attack the enamel of your teeth (creating cavities) and if not removed regularly, it can lead to periodontal disease.

4 phases of periodontal disease: 

Gingivitis: Red, swollen and bleeding gums can be among the symptoms. Aggravation of the disease can be prevented by professional cleaning at the dentist, and by practicing sufficient oral hygiene at home. 

Early phase: At this stage the infection has already started to erode the bone supporting the teeth. If that happens your dentist applies deep cleaning to help restore the gums. During the deep cleaning procedure, the dentist cleanses the surface of the roots, and gets rid of plaque and tartar that has collected in the sulcus. This treatment helps the gum tissue to heal, and shrinks the tartar.

Moderate phase: In this phase, damage to the bone is clearly visible on X-rays, therefore, surgical procedure might be needed. 

Special phase: If there is severe damage to the bone, teeth can become loose. To avoid tooth loss, urgent surgical measures are needed.

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The purpose of non-surgical procedures is to reduce the amount of bacteria and keep their deposits found on the lower part of the gums in check. Another main goal is to identify and eliminate those factors that lead to inflammation (smoking, for instance). In order to prevent these recurring problems, our dentists help you to improve your daily oral hygiene routine.

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Without thorough brushing and flossing plaque can also develop under the gums and can erode the supporting bone surrounding the root. If not treated, periodontal disease may result in tooth loss. Fortunately  mild or moderate cases of periodontal disease can be treated without a surgical procedure.


Professional teeth cleaning & tartar removal – Special offer for new patients*!
Professional teeth cleaning & tartar removal – Special offer for new patients*!
We offer discounted dental hygiene treatment for our new patients.
PRICE: £65
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