Open seven days a week

Implantologist & Oral surgeon every week

We have expert implantologists and oral surgeons in house every week for three days. We provide a full scale of oral surgical procedures, including curettage, cyst removal, surgical wisdom tooth removal, and every other oral surgical procedure you can think of. We also handle numerous types of dental implants, every week.

If you are in need of dental implants but do not have the necessary bone material do not be afraid, we provide bone grafts and sinus lifts as well, to reach as many people with this new and interesting service as possible. We manufacture crowns and bridges for dental implants on site, and we provide the all on four denture stabilization method as well.

  • Expert implantologists and oral surgeons every week
  • Full range of oral surgery including dental implants
  • Will handle bone grafts and sinus lifts as well