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4 Reasons To Keep Your Half Year Check-up

Thinking of skipping your next six month check-up? Don’t! They are the key to dental prevention, and the best way to save money on dental treatments. Here are four indisputable reasons why check-ups are the most trusted weapon in the fight for dental prevention.

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Dental Check-Up
Dental check-up


Dental prevention doesn’t just mean preventing cavities and tooth decay, it also means preventing gum disease. Since you cannot really clean below the gum line, you may be unable to prevent periodontitis from forming without the professional deep cleaning that you can get at your six month check-up. And periodontitis can result not only oral problems but also other deseases.

Prevent tooth decay

Even if you floss and use mouthwash, you will experience tooth decay unless you go to your half year check-ups. Make sure that you get the tartar removed from your teeth, so that bacteria have no place to live on, this is the best dental prevention tip you will ever receive.

Remove plaque and tartar, polish your teeth

A hygiene session often ends with plaque and tartar removal coupled with a polishing of the tooth surfaces. This is needed to make sure that bacteria cannot start to live on your teeth again, and it will make your teeth look cleaner and brighter, which is always a plus. Some dentists include this in their dental prevention pack, and some charge a little extra for it, but it is well worth getting this treatment done at your next appointment.

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Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer, if found in the first stages, can be removed with a 90% survival arte, one of the highest of any cancers. However, metastasis is relatively easy in this part of the body, and it can spread very quickly, so we experience a so-called tumble effect, where each day sees a drop in percentages. This is why it is so important to go to oral cancer screenings, and these can be easily provided for you at your next half year check-up.     

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