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Denture Cleansers


There are several types of ways to clean your removable dentures. Manually removing food detritus and bits and pieces of food which get stuck in the crowns can help prevent periodontal disease and a bad smelling breath. But bacteria that can cause problems can reside in just the biofilm (the mucus-like spit) covering the dentures and gums underneath. This is why denture cleansers are so handy.

There are gels, capsules, and solutions that you can soak your dentures in to get them clean, but our favorite happens to be the capsules. Just dissolve the capsule in water, soak your dentures, rinse, and you are ready to go again. Gels can cake and become nasty, and solutions can evaporate or be diluted too much or too little. But capsules such as Renew or Polident are simple enough.

Throw them in the water with your dentures and leave them in overnight. Simple as that, no room for error.

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