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Don't let the pain dine with you this Christmas!

Tooth pain while you dine at Christmas, broken tooth due to mum's famous gingerbread biscuits, fallen out fillings or infected, inflamed tooth... we are all afraid of these to happen while we have our well deserved Christmas break. The good news is that most of these problems could be prevented if we turn to our dentist on time. Read our article to see when to proceed with which treatment or what to do if tooth pain knocked on your door at Christmas eve.

Christmas family
Welcome your guest with a bright smile!

What are the recommended dental treatments in the beginning of December?

If during the year we missed our dental appointments we can still catch up on them at the beginning of December. It's worth to visit the dentist 1 month before Christmas for a check up so we can avoid the busy dental clinics and get done any necessary treatments if needed.

Treatments which are best to be dealt with before the festive season:

  • half year check up: it is very important to go to a dental check up every 6 months for a peace of mind and your teeth will be pleased to be in a good shape, ready for the festive treats
  • smaller fillings and change of old fillings: it is worth to get the old fillings checked by the dentist therefore there is no need to worry about them falling out or breaking during the Christmas gatherings
  • getting ready for your implants: it is advised to start the first steps of your treatment well before Christmas such as tooth extraction as the wounds would heal by the holidays and you would be ready to continue your treatment  in January with placing the implants in. Find out, what is the best implant solution for you!
Christmas tree
Christmas tree

What are the treatments which could be done right before Christmas?

Wouldn't it be great to welcome your guests at Christmas with a bright smile which would sparkle even more than the Christmas lights? Treatments which doest require healing time could be easily planned in right before the holidays. We could visit the dental hygienist to get our teeth professionally cleaned and even get a teeth whitening treatment which could be done at home with a whitening kit advised by your dentist or you could get it done right at the dental clinic.

What are the dental treatments which need to wait after after the holidays?

There are treatments which take a lot longer to finish and we need to calculate with healing time after each dental visits therefore it is no point to mess up your relaxing festive mood with pain and discomfort.

These treatments are:

  • root canal treatment: you will have to visit your dentist more than once to get the treatment done and could involve temporary fillings and antibiotic treatments also
  • tooth extraction: the healing time could be quit long and you may need stitches and removal of those which could cause pain and discomfort easily
  • dental implant: the surgical treatments are timely and involve several visits to the dentists
  • crowns and bridges: your dentist may use temporary crowns or bridge during the treatment which are a lot more likely to break than the final ones. Find out, what is the best implant solution for you!
Relax and enjoy the Christmas season!

What to do in the case of emergency during the festive season?

  • I have a tooth ache and I am reluctant to have my Christmas pudding: toothache could come easily while you are enjoying the best bites. The sharp pain could be because of tooth sensitivity due to having cold and hot food and beverages. In this case try to avoid spicy and acidic food until you manage to get to your dentist. If the pain is not sharp but persistent we may deal with an infected tooth. In this case you could take painkillers in every 6 hours. Try the anti-inflammatory ones available.
  • I have a broken tooth and I am not confident to smile on the family Christmas photo: if we are lucky the problem doesn't effect the nerves therefore the broken tooth is not painful but not very pretty. If we are not so lucky then the nerve could be affected and the tooth could be easily inflamed and painful. In all cases it is very important to keep your affected tooth clean therefore tooth decay could be prevented. Pull your moderate and pretty smile on that family photo still!
  • I lost my tooth filling during the Christmas dinner: it could happen that we have to stop eating the Christmas turkey as we had a bad bite and our filling fall out. In this case excuse yourself and run to the bathroom to brush your teeth as soon as possible. You are advised to avoid sugary, sticky and hard food until you get to your dentist to get a new filling. It is also a good idea to chew on the other side of your mouth so it won't hurt the affected area
  • My wisdom tooth is inflamed and I cannot enjoy the festive Christmas period: unfortunately your wisdom tooth could plan a different kind of Christmas for you instead of a relaxing one. In case of a problem with the wisdom tooth try to keep the area as clean as possible and try to visit your dentist as soon as possible.

If there is any urgent treatment you need, we welcome you at our practice between Christmas and New Year for a visit!

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