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Nature vs nature and its Effects on dental care


A study (ITT A 2ES LINIK VAN!!!) from 2010 has released some very interesting information. A group of scientists has started to map the genome of the bacteria that reside within the human body, specifically for each individual biome. The human mouth is one of the most active and interesting of these biomes, host to tons of bacteria. The initial research was done to see how bacteria become immune to viral attacks, and what mechanisms and in what phases of their evolution they become immune.

Using this research as a backbone, a very interesting study was done specifically for the human mouth and its biomes, trying to decipher to what extent exactly does genetics predetermine the oral condition of a patient. The study looked at twins, identical and paternal as well, and analyzed their oral conditions, mapping the genomes of the bacteria living in their mouths. The study found that significant changes occurred in twins not living near each other anymore, while those still living in the same environment had basically identical bacteria to their twins, as well as to others they are not genetically related to who shared their environment.

This is a very interesting claim indeed. This means that although the inherited genetic material is of course important, the most important deciding factor to our oral health is what sort of environment we live in, what sort of bacteria we come into contact with and what sort of foods we eat.

This means that all of the patients complaining about receiving bad teeth from their parents can no longer point the finger. Even inherently bad teeth can be maintained and cared for properly, and they will last longer and cause less problems, than, say, someone who has great strong teeth but does not brush them. This just proves what dentists have said all along, that despite the best treatment and (apparently) the best genetics, you will experience dental issues if you are negligent in your daily oral hygiene.

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