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Need some floss? Ask a mountaineer


While dental floss may be a handy way to remove plaque from between teeth, don’t forget to pack some on your next outward bound journey - not only can you use floss to tie a dislodged or knocked out tooth temporarily into place, but in a pinch you can use it to snare a rabbit, catch a fish, or secure branches for your shelter. Paragliders purportedly carry this lightweight dynamo just in case they get stuck up a tree - no, you can’t use it to repel, but you can toss it quite a ways down to pull up a proper rope.

Prevention is of course the best medicine before wandering into the woods, but when you know you’ll be miles from the nearest dentist don’t forget your dental care gear, like dental wax or cavit to temporarily deal with unexpected cracks. And some clove oil, a trite but true oral pain reliever that won’t dull your other senses. And, of course, your dental floss.

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