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Recruitment process


Welcome to Forest & Ray Dental Practice!

In the past 11 years, the company succeeded in treating more than 25000 new patients. In 2017 the company's turnover was around £900,000. In 2018 we focus on best practice and continuous development.

With F&R you will be part of a dynamic company filled with energetic professionals in an emerging market private dental care.


All our policies and procedures reflect our commitment to achieving and maintaining equal opportunities within the workplace.  It is the responsibility of every employee to monitor continually and evaluate formal and informal practices and procedures to ensure that they do not directly or indirectly discriminate against any individual or group of society.

Any employee who is found to be discriminating in any way during the recruitment process will be subject to the disciplinary procedure and may be liable to dismissal.

Application process

  1. Candidate application
    Explore our current open positions here:
    When you find the suitable opportunity, please apply.
  2. Interviews/Assessments
    In case you get shortlisted based on your application, our colleagues will contact you to inform you about next steps, schedule your tests and/or interview depending on the position requirements.
  3. Offer & Hiring
    When passing the selection phase successfully – Congratulations! Our colleagues will contact you to make an offer.
    After your confirmation, our colleagues will contact you soon to start your onboarding.